Recently I was working an event as a second shooter where the Canon 6D’s ability to transfer images by WiFi came in extremely handy.

We had been booked to cover a conference followed by a Gala ball meaning that we would be on site shooting for a minimum of 8 hours. Neither the main shooter or myself brought a laptop to the event as we had been informed that images wouldn’t be needed for a couple of days.

However after the main speakers had finished delivering their speeches and had their group shots taken; a member of the event staff requested the group shots be emailed over for posting on various social networks.

Canon 6D WifiThis was where the Canon 6D’s ability to to transfer images by WiFi came in extremely handy. I had been using the 6D for the  group shots with a 24 – 70 mm lens and a 5D Mrk II with a 70 – 200 mm for the speaker shots.

The Canon 6D has the ability to either piggy back on a WiFi network or emit its own WiFi signal for the use of remote shooting or file transfer to Tablets, Laptops or smart phones which have the EOS Remote App downloaded.

Using the EOS Remote app I was able to connect to the camera and review a number of images before downloading one of the images to my phones camera roll and emailing it on.

The downfall of this obviously is that the RAW format is compressed into a Jpg format for the use on the Phone/ iPhone / Tablet.

So when I forwarded the image on it was not a fully edited image. Apps like Snapseed and Photo Director are great for on the spot editing; however you can’t beat being able to edit an image end to end via Photoshop or Lightroom.

However as the image quality was perfect for its desired use.

The Canon 6D’s ability to transfer images via Wifi is also a great way to pass time on public transport where you can view your days shoot without having to remove the camera from your bag.

Some things to note if you want to use the WiFi on your camera. Canon 6D & 70D


  1.  Battery life is significantly reduced. WiFi on the 6D Eats power so I’d only use it when I have a lot of spare batteries or on my trip home from the shoot… or emergencies like above.
  2. WiFi Security is an issue. If you don’t set up a password and leave your Camera WiFi unlocked anyone with a smart phone / device can attempt to pair their device with your camera resulting in lost, deleted, stolen images never mind someone trying to take control of your camera to mess with your settings mid shoot. (It happens trust me)
  3. Passwords can create all kinds of issues with the connection. I have my 6D paired to my iPhone, iPad and Macbook. However on a regular basis I have problems connecting to the devices as the Camera may be stuck on the settings for iPad when connecting to Macbook. Only way around this is to re do all your settings or disable the security which leads us back to point 2.
  4. Battery Life of your device – If you are using an iPad or iPhone with the EOS remote app or the now new and improved Canon Camera Connect app; please note this will also drain the battery life of your device as its basically screaming video from your camera.
  5. Any images you email from your device are now Jpeg. On your Camera they are still RAW or what ever format size you have set the camera to. (I only shoot RAW) This just means that the color levels you might be passing on Via the App will not have the same polished look you would have after 2 minutes of editing in ACR, Photoshop, Lightroom , Aperture or what ever editing software you use.

Using the Canon EOS remote app or Canon Camera Connect app to access your images or shoot remotely is a FANTASTIC and useful feature for the 6D and 70D. I find it very useful and use it a lot however I leave it turned off unless I need it for emergency image dispatch or more than likely boredom on the ride back to the studio.

There is no need to have it turned on constantly and you will see the benefits of using it sparingly. The Canon WiFi is a blessing for photographer but with great power comes the responsibility to use it correctly (That’s what my Uncle Ben told me anyway) Happy shooting and I hope the 5 points above help you and save you from learning the hard way.

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